Meet Ruben Major

Early Years

When Ruben was just an infant, his parents separated, and in the process of their separation, Ruben was stripped of his Hispanic and Native American heritage. His father was the son of a full-blooded Yaqui whose parents are buried in the Guadalupe Cemetery.

Ruben and his mother had an incredibly challenging time for much of his childhood (as it is for many others who grow up without a father).  But with hard work, perseverance, and the counsel of his wife and others, Ruben has been able to make something of his life.

Ruben began his career as an EMT nearly 20 years ago, helping those who could not help themselves: seniors, homeless, substance abusers, mentally disabled, and survivors of domestic violence. He has serviced small towns and large communities; busy interstates and Native American reservations; border towns and metropolitan areas. Eventually, Ruben obtained his paramedic certificate and began work for the Gila River Indian Community which helped him to better understand some of what he had missed growing up. He later earned a bachelors, masters, and law degrees.


In particular, Ruben holds a Master’s Degree in Military History with a specialty in Counter-terrorism, which is particularly important for the position of Secretary of State. He also holds FEMA Incident Commander certificates and other extensive emergency response training.


On the Issues

When it comes to healthcare, Ruben has seen it all: from stabbing and gunshot victims, to seniors having heart attacks, to uninsured diabetics who couldn’t afford their medication and died as a result. Ruben understands healthcare policy and how it interacts with public safety, business, gender equality, technology, economic justice, and many other areas.

For a short time, Ruben worked as an instructor at a for-profit institution that taught EMS services. After witnessing the greedy corporate interests take advantage both the students and the staff, he quit and opened his own program.


Under his leadership, the company prospered as an EMT business by offering a better education at a lower price. Ruben Major is a successful business owner who has dedicated his career to saving lives—and teaching others to do the same.

After opening a branch of their company in San Diego, Ruben, his wife, Jenny and their three beautiful children moved to Oceanside where they continue to run their company and be active in the community.