United together for Oceanside

I’ll be honest–we’re at a difficult point as a nation.

Families are being torn apart over politics and neighbors are having sign wars rather than talking to one another. We are too easily distracted and divided, bickering online over the smallest things while the real problems affecting us at home often go unaddressed.

And it’s easy to get fired up on the presidential race and only focus on that, but the things that affect us most are truly our local races. That’s part of why I ran for Mayor–to be able to make a real impact on OCEANSIDE and restore the voice of the people to our government.

In city level elections, we can impact so much, including

  • Homelessness and emergency shelters
  • Waste management and sanitation
  • Budgets for law enforcement, fire, and emergency response
  • Traffic and transportation funding
  • City planning and development, including projects like North River Farms
  • Assistance for small businesses

People always ask me, “What are you going to do about the homeless situation? How can we keep our city safe? What can be done to clean up our city?”

It starts with VOTING, but that’s just the beginning. We need to encourage more civic participation so that everyone gets a say on what we do for our community. Too often, when candidates and politicians accept corporate and special interest money, they stop listening to the people. Once they are bought and paid for, they are on the hook to vote a certain way regardless of what is good for our city.

Not only did I refuse all corporate and special interest money, I stopped accepting donations altogether when the pandemic hit. I wanted to make sure that people were able to support themselves and the organizations that really make a difference here. There are so many wonderful charities that help residents of our city with food, clothing, shelter, and other needs. Those needs haven’t gone away–they’ve only increased as the pandemic rages on.

I’ve got plans to address many of the issues we need to fix in our city, including COVID-19 and homelessness. I don’t have a magic wand, but I do believe that we can find common ground and put aside partisan politics when it matters most. I know that bipartisan solutions exist, and I know that we CAN make this city better.

Can I count on your support for Mayor of Oceanside?

Together, there is so much we can do.

For more information on my background, stance on the issues, or corporate-free campaign, please take a look at the other links on this website.

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YOUR HELP could make the difference in this election!
We need your help to spread the word about Ruben Major’s campaign to be the next Mayor of Oceanside! Ruben is a paramedic and public health educator, a small business owner, a husband and father to 3 kids attending Oceanside schools, and holds a Master’s degree in History and a law degree. He isn’t taking corporate or PAC money and hasn’t taken a dime from developers or special interests groups, so he will represent US and listen to our concerns.
We have a chance this November to elect a Mayor who will truly represent the will of the people, not just special interests and huge corporations.

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