NO to Corruption! NO to North River Farms!

It happens every election season.

Career politicians who ignore the wishes of the people all year long suddenly start showing up in our neighborhoods pretending they’ve been on our side all along. They aren’t fooling anyone.

For the entire time I’ve been running for Mayor of Oceanside, I’ve been a vocal opponent of the North River Farms development project. I’ve talked to you about the corruption involved, reminded you to follow the money, and raised awareness about rigged endorsements linked to these developers. This development is presents an increased risk to residents during fire season, is bad for our city, and will create many more problems than it solves. Everyone knows this. Unscrupulous developers CANNOT buy their way into our community!

About a year ago, I spoke to our City Council to address the issue. You can watch the video here:

And I’ve written about it here:

If we want to WIN, we have to be very strategic.

I’ve been out in front of this issue from the beginning, so let me be crystal clear:

If any existing member of the City Council wins this Mayoral race, we will lose critical leverage on this project and many important issues.

If I am elected Mayor of Oceanside, I will be an ADDITIONAL opponent of North River Farms project. I will be an ADDITIONAL vote on the side of the people. And because I have taken no money from corporations or special interest groups, I will be a true representative of the people of Oceanside.

I am the ONLY viable candidate in this race who can make sure that THE PEOPLE are heard.

Don’t WE deserve a voice?

For more information on my background, stance on the issues, or corporate-free campaign, please visit I would be honored to have your vote!

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YOUR HELP could make the difference in this election!
We need your help to spread the word about Ruben Major’s campaign to be the next Mayor of Oceanside! Ruben is a paramedic and public health educator, a small business owner, a husband and father to 3 kids attending Oceanside schools, and holds a Master’s degree in History and a law degree. He isn’t taking corporate or PAC money and hasn’t taken a dime from developers or special interests groups, so he will represent US and listen to our concerns.
If you have some time to help out, we have a variety of opportunities available and we will help train you. Send an email to us at with subject line VOLUNTEER and we will contact you. We have a chance this November to elect a Mayor who will truly represent the will of the people, not just special interests and huge corporations.

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