The Homeless Crisis in Oceanside

Having been homeless myself as a kid and worked to help the homeless for many years as a Paramedic, I believe we can and should do much more to address the crisis facing us right now. I started running for Mayor of Oceanside more than a year ago because I’m sick of hearing career politicians talk and talk, yet never get anything done for the people.

I’m sick of the corruption and I’m disgusted by the inaction. I’m NOT a politician. I’m a small business owner and first responder who cares about our city and all who reside here.

Consider the homeless crisis we have in our city–a crisis that is only getting worse due to the pandemic. Are the people currently in office sharing policy proposals or platitudes? Are they looking for real-world, bipartisan solutions or are they just looking for their next promotion?

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Why aren’t we making real progress?

Here are a few things I’ve written over the last year about how we might address the homeless crisis in our city:

The Supreme Court let stand the 9th Circuit Court decision in Martin vs. Boise that “as long as there is no option of sleeping indoors, the government cannot criminalize indigent, homeless people for sleeping outdoors, on public property, on the false premise they had a choice in the matter.”

Every political figure in our city understands that we can’t even scratch the surface on the problem until we have an overnight shelter in place. Ticketing is a waste of time and resources because all those citations are thrown out in court. It’s all a ruse to make it LOOK like the problem is being addressed.

A year ago, I said that we need to move Homeless Outreach from law enforcement over to trained social workers who can triage each situation and offer help at a fraction of the cost, allowing our police to focus on more violent crime. Now people on both sides of the aisle are saying the same.

(Photo Credit: San Diego Union Tribune)

We need to be building overnight and emergency shelters, but we may be able to utilize vacant government properties shorter term. While that is happening, we need more bridges to permanent housing, especially for our veterans, elderly, and people with disabilities. And perhaps most importantly, we need to do everything we can to prevent evictions right now so that we aren’t adding to the problem. These are just a few of the things I will do when I am elected as Mayor of Oceanside

For more information on my background, stance on the issues, or corporate-free campaign, please feel free to visit other links on this website. I would be honored to have your vote!

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YOUR HELP could make the difference in this election!
We need your help to spread the word about Ruben Major’s campaign to be the next Mayor of Oceanside! Ruben is a paramedic and public health educator, a small business owner, a husband and father to 3 kids attending Oceanside schools, and holds a Master’s degree in History and a law degree. He isn’t taking corporate or PAC money and hasn’t taken a dime from developers or special interests groups, so he will represent US and listen to our concerns.
If you have some time to help out, we have a variety of opportunities available and we will help train you. Reply to this email with subject line VOLUNTEER and we will contact you. We have a chance this November to elect a Mayor who will truly represent the will of the people, not just special interests and huge corporations.

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