Oceanside Seniors Support Ruben Major

Oceanside Seniors support Ruben Major for Mayor because he supports:

  • Rent control/Rent Stabilization in Oceanside mobile home parks
  • Legal protections for mobile home residents, including enforcement with penalties against unscrupulous park owners violating the law
  • Posted signs indicating the park is under a rent control ordinance 

The city of Oceanside needs strong leaders who will fight for the rights of Seniors and residents of mobile home parks. We need leaders who will be supportive of park residents and also be willing to go on the offensive when needed, whether that involves working to change city code or create penalties for park owners who do not comply with the law. Ruben believes that 16B needed to have an enforcement arm with penalties, so it needs to be revised or new ordinances created to add fines or other repercussions for non-compliance. 

Ruben Says:

“Beyond mobile home park rent control, which I support fully, there are other protections that mobile home residents deserve. Residents should have a say if property modifications become a nuisance on their personal enjoyment of the property, for example when green spaces are being turned into parking lots. Park Owners must be required to notify prospective residents of the rent control ordinance during purchasing or other property inquiries, and those who do not must face civil penalties. To ensure that park owners are complying, we need random inspections of mobile home parks. We also need to provide more education to law enforcement to help them better understand the laws surrounding mobile home parks so that they can better support residents.”

Vote for Ruben Major for Oceanside Mayor!

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