Sometimes memes can say it better than we can

Sometimes memes can say it better than we can.

It is so heated on social media right now. It feels like everyone has taken this pandemic and twisted it for their own purposes. When I take a step back and view things as a first responder and EMT educator, I am so frustrated that a public health issue has become so politicized that wearing a mask–a simple act to try to keep others safe–has become a statement of where you stand on the political spectrum.

Where do I stand? I stand for Common Sense in 2020.

And I believe it is ENTIRELY possible to take a nuanced position on this that factors in the concerns of everyone involved.

No one wants to die from COVID-19 or inadvertently spread it to others. No one wants to see millions of our grandparents, friends, and neighbors suffer from this, or the potential longer-term health issues it might cause.

No one wants to give up so much of our personal freedoms and right to privacy during this that we find ourselves in an authoritarian police state.

No one wants to lose all of our small businesses or the bits of character that make our cities unique, in favor of buying everything through corporate conglomerates that get richer and richer while shutting out the little guys.

No one wants people to starve, or to have to wait months for unemployment.

No one wants thousands of families homeless and living on the streets.

And perhaps no one wants to see the cracks in the pavement and the problems in our society now laid bare, there for all to see. It’s not fun to talk about and it’s definitely a downer at a time when we all need hope.

So I won’t use the buzzwords or pretend that everyone is going to magically agree on everything.

But I just want us all to remember that it IS possible to take a nuanced position on this. It IS possible to find common ground that follows the science and doesn’t lie about what it is telling us. It IS possible to stop interacting as Republicans and Democrats and start interacting as human beings with real fears, valid concerns, and a desire to let “Common Sense” prevail as our choice for 2020.

I’m running for Mayor of Oceanside with the belief that we can find common ground on the things that matter most and keep our city a fun, safe, and unique place for all. I believe that we can find common ground and ways to stay safe, support our local businesses, and ensure that we address the economic hardships we face as a community and a country.

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