Happy Mother’s Day

No doubt this particular Mother’s Day will be remembered for how different it was from years past due to all of the restrictions and shelter-in-place guidance, but I hope that whatever you are doing today, you find a way to celebrate all of the mothers who give life, care for, and nurture all of us as we work to transform our world into a place where all of us can prosper. A week ago was Bereaved Mother’s Day, a time to acknowledge many who feel left out on the traditional Mother’s Day for various reasons, and I want to honor those mothers as well and acknowledge that this day may be difficult for some.

Those of you who know my wife, Jenny, understand that she is heart of our home and a true partner in everything I do, from our business to our family. This pandemic has placed stressors on our lives in ways we never imagined, and I continue to be amazed at how my wife finds the energy to get it all done, making sure our kids are keeping up with virtual school, helping with the campaign, and being a sounding board for myself and everyone around her. Her intellect, understanding, compassion and sense of humor are unmatched, and I feel blessed for every single day we get to spend together as a family. She is an exceptional woman, my closest friend, and the very best mother I could ever have hoped for to our three children. And lately, there has been some extra “mothering” happening in the Major household, as we have been fostering kittens! Talk about an around the clock job!

Today, as we honor all of the mothers and nurturers who helped to make us who we are, I hope that we take a few extra moments to say thank you. Whether you are blessed to be close to the special mothers in your life or are reaching out through FaceTime, Skype, other video apps or phone calls, I hope you are all staying safe and cherishing every moment we have together.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful day!

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