When work life and community activism come together

Many of you know that my wife and I are small business owners and that I spent many years in the field as an EMT/paramedic. We founded and currently operate the largest online EMT recertification training program in the country, helping thousands of students prepare to provide life-saving care at what has become a critical time in our nation’s history. This healthcare and emergency response training background has given me a helpful lens through which to view the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and I’ve been able to utilize this perspective during this crisis to assist our community and help folks make sense of what is sometimes conflicting or complicated information.

As the number of affected patients began to increase in the U.S., there surfaced an immediate need for updated field training on the virus for our first-responders and others who work in healthcare. Therefore, we were proud to be able to put together and provide this online lecture free of charge to all those who might need it. While the intended audience for this is EMTs and healthcare professionals, we believe that much of the information we are sharing could be useful to a wider audience, including public educators, retail store workers, and all essential personnel who might be in contact with the public in person.
As such, I’m happy to share this information with all of you here, and I would encourage you to share this as widely as you see fit, in particular with any friends and family who might be at greater risk of exposure in an employment situation, or even with individuals who might be immune-compromised or have other risk factors.
We will continue to share the most updated information with you on the virus as well as our community and governmental response, with an additional focus moving forward on providing some uplifting content for you to enjoy or share with loved ones. We know that it will be important to try to lift our spirits in the challenging days still ahead of us.
I am so proud of the ways that we are coming together (while physically distancing appropriately!) to meet this moment and the needs of our neighbors and friends. The coming days will continue to provide difficulties but also opportunities, and I know that we will get through this and come out on the other side with important lessons for future generations.
Please stay safe, keep washing your hands, and share widely!


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