More SoCal Endorsements

This has been an exciting week for us! In addition to Mayor Blakespear’s support, we’ve also received the endorsement of three more elected and former elected officials in Southern California.

It’s vitally important that Oceanside have a Mayor who has the confidence of leaders in the region. Officials in Southern California face similar challenges, such as effectively dealing with the homeless crisis, ensuring diversity, fair and equitable treatment of those who might be marginalized, and protecting our environment from climate change.

I am honored to have the support of City Council Persons Ahmad Zahra of Fullerton and Daniel Lee from Culver City as well as Former Assemblymember Patty Lopez. Having the support of these elected officials is an honor. I hope that you will consider supporting me in the coming months as we move closer to our election.




Ruben Major is announcing his endorsement today by three important Southern California Elected and Formerly Elected Officials: City Council Person Ahmad Zahra of Fullerton, City Council Person Daniel Lee of Culver City and Former Assemblymember Patty Lopez.

Council Member Zahara is a small business owner snd president of Zahra Pictures, LLC which is a film school located in Fullerton. Zahra has a passion for education and is heavily involved in leading the next generation. He has experience as a pathologist and is currently representing District 5 in Fullerton.

Council Member Lee, an Air Force Veteran, was born in Alabama and has been heavily involved in community organizing and ensuring diversity. His live has been influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Lee has dedicated a significant portion of his work to ensuring Dr. King’s legacy continues to inspire future generations. Lee has been advancing Civil Rights for members of his community for many years making a difference now as Council Member of Culver City.

Former Assemblymember Patty Lopez served California’s 39th district (San Fernando Valley). She has always been a community advocate and organizer first. Her passion is ensuring that people in her district have a voice. as a Latina and Mexican-American, she has brought representation to her district. As Assemblymember, she authored many bills eventually enacted by the state legislature. She also received the National Women’s Political Caucus Leadership award in 2016. Lopez is a champion for the disenfranchised and marginalized, for women’s rights and true community representation. She continues her work to this very day, fighting to ensure their rights are protected in the community she resides.

Major is running for Mayor in order to improve the city’s response to the homeless crisis, rein in the development “sprawl,” and ensure that Oceanside is a place where everyone can prosper. He is focused on common-sense solutions that prioritize public safety, smart planning, and preserving the voice of the people. His people-powered, grassroots campaign has been engaging with members of the community in “neighborhood pop-ups” and on a listening tour at major public events in recent months.

The election for Mayor of Oceanside will be held on November 3, 2020.



If you believe that everyone who lives in Oceanside deserves an opportunity to prosper, please consider contributing what you can to support this campaign and let’s make sure you have someone fighting for you on the issues that matter.

Can you help by making a $5, $10 or $25 monthly donationto our campaign?

Any amount helps and will make a MAJOR CHANGE in our community.

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