DEMCCO Executive Board Bylaw Violations – Challenge Letter

At a time when faith in many of our democratic and governmental institutions is at an all-time low, don’t we have a responsibility to follow the rules that members of this group invested sweat equity in creating to ensure fairness and adherence to a defined process?

Fellow DEMCCO Members, it pains me to write everything below because I have so much respect for our party and the people who have come together here to make a positive impact on the world. I have great respect for all of you and I believe that you want to do the right thing.

As you will see from the attached letter directed to Linda Slater, President of DEMCCO, there have been some egregious violations of bylaws and eastablished precedents in the decision to revisit the endorsement in the Mayoral race and to have a second vote.

DEMCCO Executive Board Bylaw Violations Letter

From the beginning, all I have asked for is equal consideration and adherence to the very process and rules this group worked painstakingly to set forth. I ask that you give this information full consideration with respect for those who put hours of their lives into ensuring that we had guidance for times like these, when there might be some disagreement among members as to how to proceed.

I would also ask that members of this group come together to revise the rules to add additional clarity for situations such as these, when a vote of “no endorsement” has been made, and in situations where the time frame is well in advance of customary endorsement period. As I have noted in the attached, this endorsement vote, if taken, would be in violation of set rules because this race had NOT been deemed as strategically critical. While I believe the current rules are clear on these matters, if other members feel that the rules lack clarity then it is incumbent upon us to correct the situation and to conform to the most conservative interpretation of the rules on these matters.

I respectfully ask members to take a stand in support of the rules of this organization and give full consideration to the attached document detailing the violations and divergence from precedent happening with regard to endorsement in the Oceanside Mayoral race.

I ask you to cancel this endorsement vote and force club officials to abide by our rules.

Best, &c,

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