Happy Holidays from The Major Family!

The Major Family would like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

Having been homeless as a kid growing up and later helping many homeless people as a Paramedic, it’s important we take the time to think about the children who reside in our community and go to school here, but who are homeless — as well as other unsheltered people who are spending the holidays without the benefit of a roof over their heads. This can be trying times for many.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that homeless people have a Constitutional right to sleep in public if no shelter is available. Sadly enough, there are not enough beds to shelter our current homeless population.

We need to get serious about taking steps to end the homeless crisis in our community. This will be my top priority in 2020 as I know there is much more we can to address the problem that we aren’t doing right now. I am absolutely certain we can change the narrative for the better.

I also intend to focus on improving our environment, addressing the housing crisis in a sensible manner, and putting an end to rampant, unchecked development in our beautiful city.

If there is something you can do to help someone in need, now is the time. Making our community a better place, starts with you. Together, we can make a positive difference and collectively improve everyone’s lives.

Happy Holidays from The Major Family! : )

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