How do we replace a CORRUPT City Council?

November 8, 2019

Oceanside, CA – This week I spoke out to our CORRUPT City Council against the North River Farms project, a controversial development plan, sponsored by DARK AND DIRTY money that will put the lives of thousands at risk of fire danger, while builders stand to make TENS OF MILLIONS.

Watch my speech here:


We must draw a line right here and right now!

With California Wildfires taking the lives of over 100 last year and destroying over 22,000 homes/businesses, building houses in EXTREME FIRE DANGER ZONES is a TERRIBLE IDEA!

Our City Council has FAILED to stand up to these dark interests, and as a result our environment will be irrevocably impacted for future generations to come. This project VIOLATES our climate action plan, our General Plan, and the character of our community.

The only way we can ensure that plans like these are not enacted in the future is to elect a Mayor who will stand up against a rogue City Council, hell-bent on protecting the interests of themselves and their multi-millionaire donors at the expense of our community.



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