Freedom, Equality, and Democracy — Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2019

Sacramento, CA

This country was founded upon principles of freedom, equality and Democracy. Sometimes people will ask me why I allude to our country being a Democracy, rather than a Republic. The answer is simple: we didn’t want a Republic because that wasn’t true representation. Democracy means rule by the people (through its ancient definition) and for the people as espoused in the Gettysburg Address. This is what defines us as a nation — we ARE the birthplace of modern Democracy.

WE — ALL OF US — THE PEOPLE, designed this country to protect the rights of each and every one of our citizens to have freedom and equality. Not the select few — and we most certainly didn’t want a tyrant to rule over America to serve himself, his friends, and family only. What we wanted was a Representative and Constitutional Democracy.

We still want this Democracy, but we can’t have a true or REAL Democracy without the right to vote. Right now, our voting rights are under constant assault, but not only this, the very mechanism of our Democracy is on unstable ground, starting with the process of HOW WE VOTE.

Voter registration rolls and electronic poll books are STILL largely UNPROTECTED in this country and still subject to alteration or manipulation. In the coming months as we saw in 2016 in both the Primary AND General elections, I unfortunately fear that we will see mass nationwide electronic voting “errors” and accounts of people being pulled off the rolls and going to the polls only to see that their vote will not count. These uncounted votes are not quantified very well and I believe much of it has to do with the fear that public officials may have to be accountable for anything going wrong on their watch. This is the wrong approach however. We need our representatives to let us know when something is wrong, so that we can repair the problem. As we’ve all heard, the first step to solving, is admitting having an issue.

I say this not hoping to score political points, but as a concerned citizen who wants to draw this issue to your attention as the elections begin in 2020. I hope that you remember this message and that if it resonates with you, you will tell others to continue working on a solution to this crisis. Lip service isn’t enough. This problem needs to be resolved now.

This has always been about working to restore our right to vote and we have definitely seen some positive strides in the way the public perceives and speaks about these issues. Many politicians are aware of the importance of publicly owned election systems and not just 100% paper ballots, but 100% paper ballot audits, but we’ve only taken baby steps towards these goals in the last year.

It’s abysmal that we verify so few votes in California. In the TECH CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, we can most definitely do better. We can and SHOULD be a shining EXAMPLE to the rest of the country.

I challenge our politicians to do better. They MUST, if they believe in America…

As we spend time with our friends and family celebrating this great day and what it means to be an American, let’s start working to give the people a REAL Democracy on this Fourth of July.

My best to you and your family. : )

Best, &c,

Ruben Major, EMT-Paramedic, J.D., M.A.
“Make a Major Change”

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