The ACLU wins against Secretary Padilla

March 7, 2018

San Francisco, California

For the past several months, we’ve been campaigning to end California’s discriminatory practice of disenfranchising minority voters who see their mail-in ballots thrown away nearly TWICE as much as non-minorities.

Additionally, California has seen tens of thousands of mail-in ballots thrown out on the basis of signature mismatches and has not provided proper notification to voters when their votes are not going to be counted. This has been a known issue for several years, but has gone forward without any solution.

Now the ACLU has sued the current Secretary of State and won.


Court Order

It shouldn’t take a lawsuit to resolve this problem. At best, this issue shows negligence when it comes to protecting YOUR vote. Even worse, the Secretary of State’s office has defended disenfranchisement practices by calling injury to voters deprived of the right to vote “slight” in an official court filing. (see page 5 below).

This entire problem could have been avoided had the Secretary of State’s office issued a directive requiring counties to provide REAL notification to voters when their votes were not going to be counted. This has yet to be done. In fact, the office has no comment and has been “reviewing options” regarding appeal of the case.

It’s time for a Major Change. It’s time to elect a Secretary of State who stands up for the voting rights of Californians and isn’t afraid to go against those who might otherwise seek to restrict the right to vote. Help us bring integrity back to the office. Help us win by making a contribution of any amount below

Ruben Major
Secretary of State Candidate
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