California universal healthcare bill will save lives and seeks to decrease rising costs

Insurance companies have had their chance to make healthcare work for the people and they have failed — their failure is not just the increasing costs but rather the capital paid in human lives as a result of a lack of appropriate healthcare coverage. Last night we had a very informative session put on by Kyle Thayer, a Paramedic and community leader, who lives in North County San Diego. Mr. Thayer has been tirelessly advocating for the passage of Senate Bill 562 which is a healthcare bill asking for the removal of insurance companies from the process of most healthcare — termed “Single Payer.”

The bill was introduced by California Senator Toni Atkins and is supported by the California Nurse’s Association.

Under the bill, health insurance companies would still be permitted to involve themselves in non-essential care such as cosmetic surgery, but they would be taken from the administration of care which has largely contributed to the rising costs as well as record profits of healthcare in recent years. Currently the bill is in referral status and has been assigned to the Committee on Health for further discussion.

The content delivered last night is one of a series of presentations related to the Single Payer program across the state being organized by Healthy California. Mr. Thayer explained the importance of this bill in the context of saving lives.

As a Paramedic, myself, I can relate to the stories that he related about how so many people who go without healthcare will see their conditions worsen or even die. Mr. Thayer explained that he sees no good reason why we can’t come together to solve this problem and that nobody deserves to die because they do not have health insurance. His tireless advocacy aims to put an end to these terrible results. If passed, Senate Bill 562, by it’s removal of insurance companies as the primary administrators, is likely to substantially decrease the cost of overall care for Californians.

Insurance companies have had their run at administering healthcare for many years. Now it’s time to give that power back to the people.

More information about Senate Bill 562 can be found on the state legislature website.

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