Septic Shock Claims Life of Muhammad Ali and Many Others – How to Identify Sepsis

There is no doubt that boxing legend Muhammad Ali will be remembered forever for his tenacity in the ring as well as his outspoken nature. Claiming, “I am the greatest,” Ali captured the hearts and minds of boxing fans around the globe. He will be sorely missed. He came into Scottsdale Memorial Hospital Osborn on … Read more

Your Certification is Your Responsibility!! Sort of…

I wanted to take a little time to discuss a the importance of making sure that providers are being responsible for their own certifications. Many departments have internal tracking mechanisms in place which will keep a tally on the number of providers who will be expiring soon as well as their exact expiration dates for … Read more

The Real Reason for Burnout

I once worked with a guy who said that he was driving to work when he witnessed a rollover accident. The lady was ejected from the vehicle and flew nearly forty feetĀ beforeĀ hitting the pavement. He said that when the person hit the ground, she got up and began running. No doubt this was due to … Read more