Supreme Court Case Pending Asking Justices to Stay Inauguration of Trump

January 20, 2017 – 9:11AM PST Donald J. Trump sworn in as 45th U.S. President. Court documents show Ginsburg denied the request for a stay, but plaintiff’s assert mandamus is still very much alive: Also encountered a story from The New York Times discussing issues mentioned by plaintiffs in the article and brief. It will … Read more

At the California Democratic Party AD 76 election, I was removed as a ballot counter after asking to total votes… Our elections need greater transparency and people willing to fight to preserve their integrity!

Fellow Democrats! We need to be better about ensuring the INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY of our election system at the local level! The image above about sums up how people feel about the election process right now. Yesterday, I felt I was unfairly removed as a ballot counter for the California Democratic Assembly District 76 election after refusing … Read more

What happens at a political banner making session? – ANSWER SanDiego and Trump Immigration Policy

We attended an ANSWER SanDiego’s banner making meeting last night for a scheduled protest on January 20th against the incoming administration, largely regarding the president-elect’s immigration & anti-women comments made during the election as well as proposed economic policies favoring billionaires over the common-working folk. Our children had asked how they could get involved and … Read more

SDGE is asking the people to pay hundreds of millions for questionable actions in the 2007 wildfires. Here’s how you can stop them…

It is disputed whether San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDGE’s) actions caused the damage from the 2007 fires causing BILLIONS in damage, but the fact they are still trying to pass some of the charges onto the people (ratepayers), nearly 10 years after the incident is unacceptable because SDGE’s actions both prior to and after … Read more

Yes, Trump can lose the Electoral College — but then what?

The Electoral College has remained a topic of hot conversation since Nov. 8. There has been much discussion about faithless electors abandoning their traditional role, Hamilton Electors and what happened in the past when electors have been thrown out during ballot counting by the House and Senate, such as in 1872, when Louisiana and Arkansas’ … Read more