ReVote Petition effort at the Supreme Court moves full steam ahead during Flynn resignation, amidst the Trump Russian connection controversy

The Flynn resignation is demonstrative of one of the claims made by Petitioners to the Supreme Court asking for a revote. The ReVote 2017 effort has alleged Russian cyber invasion, and the failure of the government to protect the people as the basis of their claims and justification that the Court should authorize a new … Read more

Election hacking had no party lines as Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp asks for investigation into unauthorized scanning

Fortunately for Georgia citizens, the state had setup a network to ensure that its voting system was adequately protected against intrusions. Georgia officials explain that attempts to penetrate the election system occurred on 10 separate occasions, beginning as early as February 2, 2016.   On August 25, 2016, Secretary of State Brian Kemp sent an … Read more

Supreme Court case asking for revote and election hacking Congressional investigation, keeps allegations of fraud/illegitimacy in Trump election looming

Donald Trump has scheduled to name his Supreme Court nomination amidst intense controversy over what many call a Muslim Ban and despite Attorney General Yates‘ recent refusal to support the order, calling it “illegal.” Increasing the controversy, Trump has also issued many other executive orders which legal scholars blatantly call unconstitutional. Additionally, questions surrounding the … Read more

We don’t need a Warren Commission style investigation, wrought with controversy

Trump  has even gone so far as to call for a “major investigation” into issues of “voter fraud.” In fact earlier today, Congress members have called for a deep inquiry into issues of election hacking by the Russian government. However… the country does not need a Warren Commission style investigation, wrought with government approved conclusions … Read more

If Trump believes the election was invalid because millions voted illegally, let’s have a RE-VOTE!

Recently, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, explained that Donald J. Trump believes that millions of voters cast their ballots illegally. The media has pointed out on numerous occasions how they believe this to be a false assertion, akin to the recent claim that there were just as many people attending the inauguration as the … Read more

Supreme Court Case Pending Asking Justices to Stay Inauguration of Trump

January 20, 2017 – 9:11AM PST Donald J. Trump sworn in as 45th U.S. President. Court documents show Ginsburg denied the request for a stay, but plaintiff’s assert mandamus is still very much alive: Also encountered a story from The New York Times discussing issues mentioned by plaintiffs in the article and brief. It will … Read more

At the California Democratic Party AD 76 election, I was removed as a ballot counter after asking to total votes… Our elections need greater transparency and people willing to fight to preserve their integrity!

Fellow Democrats! We need to be better about ensuring the INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY of our election system at the local level! The image above about sums up how people feel about the election process right now. Yesterday, I felt I was unfairly removed as a ballot counter for the California Democratic Assembly District 76 election after refusing … Read more