Signs of vote hacking present in Colorado general election

This article is part of a larger study on voting machines and election systems detailing information that points to or otherwise confirms hacking in the 2016 Election. I have previously reported on the following states: Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, and California. There may be other explanations for some of the circumstances offered, however, the information presented will … Read more

US Supreme Court petition asking for nullification of the election scheduled for Friday conference

This Friday, March 17th, the Supreme Court is set to review a Petition for Writ of Mandamus to nullify the 2016 Election results on the basis that our election was compromised by a foreign power. Petitioners for the case are using the Constitution’s “Guarantee Clause” in order to ask for a new election. What is … Read more

Wikileaks release of CIA hacking techniques fuels concern of Russian election hacking

Wikileaks recently released a trove of documents purported to be from our national security agencies and how they might use their talents and information to spy on people all over the world. Indeed, FBI Director James Comey recently explained that “there is no such thing as absolute privacy.” The release of these documents underscores the need … Read more

California election hacking demonstrates concerns with voter registration system

The following report is part of a 50 state survey related to issues which demonstrate characteristics of hacking in the 2016 election. The experience in California indicating the hacking election systems and how those might have been compromised appear to be largely concentrated in Riverside County as far as media reports are concerned.  However, it … Read more

New charges of voting machine hacking, fuel concerns of quid pro quo behavior in Russian connection analysis

Despite recent denials from the administration, new claims of Russian hacking combined with the fact that Trump campaign aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence agencies has led many to call to for a real look into the voting systems. Due to recent concerns, voting systems scientists have been in recent communication with members of Congress and the … Read more

Supreme Court Petition ask for the appointment of a Special Master to help investigate Russian hacking and interference

Petitioners in Supreme Court action, asking for the nullification of the election have asked for the appointment of a Special Master. The new filing seeks to appoint a person with the authority to do a full investigation on Russian hacking, which I wrote on in an earlier article, interference, as well as potential Russian connections … Read more

Russian Hacking & Virus Implantation – Welcome to the new age of digital political warfare

The resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn due to his connections to Russia as well as the verification of critical portions of the dossier on Donald Trump have raised many significant questions regarding the legitimacy of the current administration. Indeed, the coziness of Russian relations has many lawmakers feeling uneasy. Yesterday, Senator John McCain released an op-ed in USA Today explaining … Read more