Our Children Need Seat Belts On School Buses

With the recent, most tragic loss of life occurring in Chattanooga, Tennessee to so many school children, the time has come for our country creates a mandate to require seat belts. When I first learned about how there were no seat belts required on buses, I was absolutely appalled. NHTSA cites a big reason is … Read more

The Continuing Need for the Validation of Priority Dispatching

Although it is a standard that a majority of communities take for granted, the concept of Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) is still in question in many places throughout the United States. In February 1968, the first emergency call to 9-1-1 was placed in Haleyville Alabama.[1] Since the late 1970’s the concept of EMD has grown … Read more

This is the World You Live in Now

Earlier this week, our family went to the Del Mar Fair, just North of San Diego. This fair is one of the most exciting in the country – and probably one of the most crowded. The crowd and fact that San Diego is the country’s number one vacation spot for the 4th, bring to mind concerns … Read more

What Kind of Active Shooter Training Does Your Department Have?

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy there is a renewed call for “Active Shooter” training for public safety. If you aren’t already familiar with the training, the term speaks for itself. The idea is to bring together a group of professionals to work on how to deal with a situation where there is a … Read more

Your Certification is Your Responsibility!! Sort of…

I wanted to take a little time to discuss a the importance of making sure that providers are being responsible for their own certifications. Many departments have internal tracking mechanisms in place which will keep a tally on the number of providers who will be expiring soon as well as their exact expiration dates for … Read more

The Real Reason for Burnout

I once worked with a guy who said that he was driving to work when he witnessed a rollover accident. The lady was ejected from the vehicle and flew nearly forty feet before hitting the pavement. He said that when the person hit the ground, she got up and began running. No doubt this was due to … Read more