Florida election problems indicate potential vote count hacking

Florida’s election issues in 2016, need to be categorized in two segments: primary election & general election. In this article, I will discuss the general election problems in Florida indicating potential hacking of the voting systems.

I have already reported on the following states: Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, CaliforniaColorado, Connecticut, & Florida’s primary election. There could potentially be other explanations for some of the circumstances offered, however, information provided may indicate characteristics of hacking. When combined with other states, this evidence substantially increases the likelihood of systems vulnerability and election hacking throughout the country.

Florida’s General Election Problems

As previously reported, there were numerous issues in Florida’s primary election indicating hacking, particularly of the voter registration systems. This is important because if a person gets kicked off the voter registration rolls, they can become ineligible to vote in the primary. When the voter registration rolls are hacked, it can result in this scenario which may prevent one candidate from winning fairly. Therefore, voter registration hacking is equivalent to vote count hacking.

Shortly after the election, the National Association of Voting Officials requested a copy of any errors or inconsistencies related to voting machine problems. The request was made using the Freedom of Information Act which was ultimately granted. Although many of the documents have extensive redaction marks, the fact is that there are numerous and significant complaints throughout the state and country which necessitate a full and open investigation. Many of these complaints have been cataloged by the Voting Section of the Department of Justice.

Shortly after the election, the National Association of Voting Officials sent letters to election officials across the country.

The National Association of Voting Officials scientists in conjunction with the California Association of Voting Officials have already deployed the open source voting system in New Hampshire with great success.

According to Brent Turner at the National Association of Voting Officials:

Open source voting is not motivated by profit as are many systems currently deployed across the country — it is also more secure. Shortly after the election, the National Association of Voting Officials sent letters to election officials across the country.directing them to refrain from certifying the results. If open source is deployed across the country, it will lead to greater security and accountability in our current election systems.

Here is a copy of request the National Association of Voting Officials sent to a forensic analysis of all jurisdictions nationally.

The organization is currently awaiting a response from Florida election officials.


On November 7, 2017 at 3:39PM, during early voting, a report came into the U.S. Department of Justice Voting Section stating that there was a “paper trail showing Donald Trump” when the voter selected Hillary Clinton.

It appears that this particular report is referencing something referred to as vote switching. This is occurs when a voter selects a certain candidate but another one is displayed. Often times, the voter is unable to make any changes to the selection. This can result in a provisional ballot and/or the vote itself not being counted. I have documented this various times on my blog. It is also important to note that many voters might not complain and thus we would never know how many times such an event actually occurred.

Wildwood Community

In Wildwood Community at 12:22PM a report came into the Department of Justice explaining that the voting machines were going down every 10 minutes and people were unable to vote.

This is highly concerning because voters expect their vote to count. And when the machine turns off, there is the potential for the vote not to be counted. This report also explains that someone at the voting center wanted a higher authority to take a look at the problem and fix it, but since the investigative information has been redacted, we are unable to analyze what steps were taken to address the issue. This is an unacceptable because we need to fix this problem as soon as possible to prevent any on-going compromise.


In Tampa at 12:53PM, The Department of Justice received a complaint that voters were not able to be located in the election system. The complaint likely coming from a poll worker, explained that the “digital database is wrong…” and that “there is a lot of confusion.”

Again, the issue here is that there were extensive problems with the database itself including potential voter registration problems. Such instances are highly indicative of compromise. These issues need to be addressed in a public manner so that we can adequately address the issue.


A complaint came into the Department of justice explaining that the voting machine scanner was not functioning. The issue appeared to have been corrected when a new ballot was obtained, however the reporting is not entirely clear regarding the solution.

Voters should not have to argue with poll workers to have their vote counted. Again, there is no explanation related to the steps taken to address the issue.

Palm Beach County

There were various reports regarding broken machines in Palm Beach County.

The issues in Palm Beach County could be old machines or machines which were compromised. Either way, the fact that these problems occurred on election day means that there should have been better accountability prior to the election. If the machines were merely broken, they should have been checked beforehand. If they were hacked, then they should have been more secure in the first place. The final analysis demonstrates unacceptable practice which needs to be corrected immediately.

Recount Lawsuit Alleging Machine Hacks

On December 2, 2016, Protect Our Elections filed suit alleging hacking and interference. In the lawsuit they explained that they believed Clinton won the state of Florida. Various reports of malfunctioning voting machines as well as problems in the primary election with regard to the voter registration systems.

In a previous article, I discussed likely voter registration hacking in Florida at length and its potential impact on the general election. In addition to the above claims, the lawsuit also alleged that there were discrepancies related to the exit polling versus actual results, which were too significant to ignore. After the inauguration of Donald Trump, Protect Our Elections had the case voluntarily dismissed.


The problems presented in Florida are significant. The complaints submitted to the Department of Justice were largely not covered by media outlets because much of the information has been tucked away from the public view until now. Additionally, the steps the Department have yet to be disclosed. For those complaints not containing a supervising attorney, the most plausible answer is that there is an on-going investigation into each of those cases. Because it has been several months since the original complaints have been filed and because there have been numerous claims regarding election hacking and interference, it is essential that the public be provided with information so that appropriate action can be taken to rectify the situation.

This problems in Florida and those across the country, necessitate that we make drastic changes to our voting systems in order to make them secure. These problems will continue to grow in intensity until they are fixed. Part of the problem is the profit motive tied to the voting systems. We need to remove this motivation so that the system can operate as intended and not simply a rushed product meant to make money. Therefore, we should invest in open source technology with multiple redundancies and we should make it mandatory to secure our voter registration system with confirmation and validation in order to minimize hacking and election system compromise. It is vital we complete these steps before it is too late.

  • bardgal

    ALL electronic voting machines and tabulation servers are vulnerable to hacking, even Open Source. We need to be using paper ballots that are hand-counted, with public oversight. Like Canada. Like The Netherlands.