ReVote the Election Petition at Supreme Court Awaiting Disposition

I just wanted to write a brief update regarding the Petition to Nullify the Election in part (per Petitioners) due to a Russian cyberinvasion (thus constituting an act of war) of U.S. Election systems and the failure of the U.S. to protect the states from such invasion. I have discussed in a few other earlier articles which contain more substantial information than this particular posting which is meant primarily to provide some updated information on ReVote activities late last week and throughout the weekend. The Petition itself has been scheduled for Supreme Court Conference and the Petitioners have stated they have not yet received any disposition related to the case, although they are hoping for a hearing on the issue.

Is it real — what are the chances again?

Yes, the Petition is real, but it is also important to note the that Petition has been reported to have limited chances of success, but Petitioners are undeterred in their efforts.

Other Coverage & Grant Stern Firing

The first previous posting on last week which is somewhat comprehensive regarding the movement. The next is a Daily Kos blog posting which details some of the controversial topic of “treason” related to the Russian affair. Additionally, journalist Grant Stern held a radio broadcast on Occupy Democrats which recently reported an article on ReVote. After holding the broadcast, Stern submitted an article detailing the Rosneft Oil Deal to the Huffington Post and stated he was censored and had his column taken down… in other words, fired.

The firing raised many eyebrows because it came directly after both events and since he had been a long-time contributor. Additionally, the editor had the option to just edit the document or even to reject the story altogether, but instead, Stern said he was let go. Stern explains that his reporting was factual and that readers could draw their own conclusions related to any opinions on the facts. He details his experience on a Facebook video posting.

After the radio show, the ReVote group got together in a more informal setting and conducted a Question and Answer Session in another Facebook Live Video:

What’s Next?

At this point Petitioners are simply waiting for the Supreme Court to make a decision. I will be updating this site and my Twitter feed and posting new information as it comes. Alternatively, you can continue to check the Supreme Court website for more information.

Long Term Solution – Fix Voting Machines and Election Systems

In the meantime, we really need to be sure to look at and actually fix the vulnerabilities of our voting systems. The numerous problems with the election system have been well documented. The loss of U.S. hacking tools, the high degree of likelihood for a super computer virus hacking voting machines and actual penetrations of the voting systems all present incredible issues which we must work to overcome immediately. Finally, it is also important to note that we have great problems with our voter registration systems which are well documented. Irrespective of the ultimate results of the ReVote Effort, we need to secure the voting machines with an open-source, non-corporate controlled system that is resistant to hacking and has multiple redundancies. Otherwise, we can look forward to hacking far worse than what occurred this election cycle.


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