Supreme Court Petition ask for the appointment of a Special Master to help investigate Russian hacking and interference

Petitioners in Supreme Court action, asking for the nullification of the election have asked for the appointment of a Special Master. The new filing seeks to appoint a person with the authority to do a full investigation on Russian hacking, which I wrote on in an earlier article, interference, as well as potential Russian connections of Trump and his associates. Congress is currently involved in five investigations involving the matter.

A small group of citizen women, and a larger circle of supporters, have worked 18 hour days for months on this effort, vowing never to give up. Dr. Kelly Sennholz, one of the primary promoters explains:

We are Americans who cannot stand to see our election and our country taken over by hostile foreign influences. The sacred vote which is at the heart of our nation is at stake. This is not a time to shirk our duty, but to rise and meet it. We, the People, are the heart of our nation and must not let negative, wealthy, hostile foreign influences steal our legacy. If we do not prevail, earth will never be the same. Love must win.

The Supreme Court Petition has been criticized because some feel that it has a limited chance of success. However, this has not deterred Petitioners from championing their cause and countless others from cheering them along – they feel they are on solid footing. The Petition itself asks for the nullification of the election. Petitioners have stated that there was a cyber invasion into the country which the government failed to protect the people from and therefore, the Constitution’s Guarantee clause gives the Court the right to intervene.

If approved, the Special Master could potentially have the ability to access classified material and report it to the Court for their review. The call for House and Senate investigations into Trump, Russian connections, Russian hacking and interference has grown in recent days, especially considering Michael Flynn’s recent resignation, slews of questions remaining, and growing calls from Republican lawmakers asking for an inquiry. Although the legislative department has historically had the role of investigating the president, it is not unheard of for the Court to get involved in such matters, such as during the Watergate Scandal. Which is interesting because Dan Rather recently explained that the current situation could be an even bigger scandal. If the Court is able to ultimately find that a new election needs to take place, this will mean that the voting system needs to be overhauled. This can start with the analysis and removal of any voting machines potentially infected with malware and then a fresh start, preferably with open-source voting machines that can protect the count and at the same time preserve everyone’s right to vote.

For now, the movement to revote continues…

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