Russian Hacking & Virus Implantation – Welcome to the new age of digital political warfare

The resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn due to his connections to Russia as well as the verification of critical portions of the dossier on Donald Trump have raised many significant questions regarding the legitimacy of the current administration. Indeed, the coziness of Russian relations has many lawmakers feeling uneasy. Yesterday, Senator John McCain released an op-ed in USA Today explaining how he feels Trump has Russia upside-down and many fellow Republicans feel the same way and are now calling for a full investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.

With intelligence agencies lending credence to the dossier and a genuine belief the Russians have access to current executive communications, there have been calls to investigate for the possible blackmailing of Trump by the Russians. Plus, there is a Senate Intelligence investigation into Trump’s Russian Connections, documented hacking attempts of at least 20 states prior to the electionconfirmed penetrations of election systems, not to mention, a Petition to the Supreme Court asking for a nullification of the election which will hopefully be solved by first securing our election systems.

For the sake of argument, let us suppose the reports regarding Russia and the election are true and that our voting systems have actually been compromised. In a previous article, I explained how this probably occurred. Remember that the United States lost some of its most valuable hacking tools prior to the election, that these tools were ransomed, and this threat coming one week prior to the election from the group claiming to hold the tools — the tools are still being ransomed off.

Organized Crime in Russia

The organized crime syndicate in Russia during the Boris Yeltsin years, is the backbone of today’s hacking industry. In the 90s and early 2000s, the industry obtained a new face and gradually began to work on hacking for financial gain. Primary targets were banks as well as other institutions where financial information could be relatively easily obtained. After some time, the industry began to target local politicians and prominent members of the community – with the goal being to obtain as much personal information as possible to use for blackmail. Hackers refer to this as “ransomware.” Some ransomware can even talk to you and let you know that you have been infected.

This ransomware was then be used to blackmail individuals who might not otherwise want it published. Take for example, a cheating spouse, a person with an extreme gambling addition, or even a criminal history. Use upon political contenders could be utterly devastating for a campaign.

How it Works

There are many ways to compromise a target. Critical to the story, is the fact that Russians have adopted a very organized network of email spam, spear-phishing, malicious viruses and codes which have wrecked havoc on many nations and private businesses worldwide.  Spam is putting it nicely, but basically, the campaign has become increasingly clever in recent years, with people being duped into giving out personal passwords or other proprietary information.

Typically, spam will be preloaded with viruses which are then transmitted into the receiving person’s computer, where valuable data, such as passwords, emails, credit card numbers, and history can be easily obtained.

Current Concern

With confirmed DNC and RNC hacks, there is genuine concern of on-going compromise. Although many may wish to downplay the result, the fact remains that a record number of US politicians have already fallen victim to this sad practice (with the DNC hack). Regardless of whether you believe the DNC hack was an inside job, occurred from a foreign entity or some other domestic or government hacker, the fact remains that the information itself has ALREADY been used to compromise politicians and to change policy. This is a new state of affairs for everyone.

Do not doubt for a minute that there are HIDDEN AFFECTS on the way our politicians currently operate. Ransomware is an operation which will likely continue far into the future.

Indeed there have been claims already that Michael Flynn could have been the target of Russian blackmail. Nancy Pelosi famously stated, “I want to know what the Russians have on Trump.” With the majority of DNC leaks released by Wikileaks, the same has not been released of the RNC, despite a breach of their system. The lack of release of RNC information and release of DNC information helped Republicans in the campaign. No matter party preference, it is important for people to ask the lingering question of whether there is HIDDEN, compromising material out there affecting members of politicians who might be responsible for protecting Trump and his Russian connections from coming to light? Welcome to the new age of digital political warfare.

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