New Research on Russian Hacking & Election Integrity

I just wanted to write a brief update on how things have been going lately with regard to the research in particular. As previously shown, I’ve been able to identify a rough skeleton on how the actual election scanning and hacks could have happened. Note that this is a working document, so it may change a little bit later to add links and other information.

Election Hacking
I have noticed some genuine confusion between the voting system hacks themselves and the DNC/RNC hacks which appeared to occur as the dossier on Trump alleges, as part of a coordinated Wikileaks release of information in segmented chunks over the duration of the campaign. This has already been thoroughly discussed.

Also, from a personal standpoint, I think it’s important to note that my focus is on the election/voting system intrusion itself because that is what’s most concerning for all of us going forward. If we can’t figure out a way to secure our voting systems, we may never recover.

Machines Hackable?

I’ve spoken at length to various election experts and it seems apparent that the machines are easily hackable. With Russian influence, the “lost” super computer virus, hacking and intrusions, there is no doubt we need a system such as that advocated by Brent Turner at NAVO/CAVO in order to ensure that we get back on track. I understand voter confidence is critical, but if we don’t fix the systems now, those who can compromise the system may write the history books.

Individual Experiences

I had the opportunity to interview two people who helped with the recount efforts in Wisconsin, Amber Cleveland and Maggie Thomas. Amber describes a chaotic scene where objection after objection were lodged over and over, but to no avail — where there seemed to be a purposeful cover-up of the Wisconsin recount itself.

As for Maggie, she describes a situation which had 4 witnesses, where the voting machine got it wrong and flipped from Clinton to Trump. Everyone was shocked and dismayed, but when the time came, the objections were not heard. Additionally, Maggie noted continual discussion about how the poll books weren’t matching up properly.

Quite concerning… But the important thing here is that such a narrative lends credence to the hacking theory I presented before. We still need to be able to look at those voting machines for any problems.

Russian Hacking Abroad

Additionally, I’m concerned by the numerous reports of Russian hacking across Europe which is not being widely discussed. In fact, it happened so much, the US intelligence agencies have been sharing information on how to defend from attacks and remove malicious viruses.  Obviously, the entire campaign is part of a coordinated effort of self-service at the expense of other nations. Although there have been charges that the US has done the same, the fact remains that as citizens of this wonderful country, we cannot allow such actions to continue and we must take the appropriate action to defend ourselves and prevent future issues.

Spam/Ransomware, Etc…

There has been a long-standing effort in Russia to spam and obtain ransomware – particularly from politicians so that it can be sold at a fair price. The question is whether this effort has infiltrated the government. I’m working on drawing this out more in another article.

The dossier on Trump has been found more credible and Flynn recently resigned as Trump’s advisor, the resignation itself, which by the way, is a can of worms in that it tends to make people want to ask more questions.

These are both telling us some extremely alarming stuff about this administration. I think that we need to stop suspending belief and bring those congressional/senate investigations to an open debate right now. There is no reason to wait – as the safety/security of our country is at stake.

Other Notes

King Servers in Russia admits it was allegedly the home of the DNC hack, however, the IP addresses originating from their server point to the Arizona/Illinois hack and the story of the Shadow Brokers isn’t over as they still appear to be out there and actively at work.

More to come…

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