Possible Terrorist Attack – Mass Shooting in Orlando Kills Over 50 People

LA Times reported a mass shooting in Orlando involving a man who police say may have radical Islamist leanings. The attack occurred early this morning in a LGBT club called Pulse Nightclub. (1)

(Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, FL)

The shootings lasted nearly 3-4 minutes as a gunman, according to police, Many attempted to take cover, but were unsuccessful in fleeing. In all, there were over 100 casualties. Police became involved in a shootout with the suspect, Omar Mateen, after which they say he took hostages.


(Omar Mateen – Myspace)

While motives are unclear, authorities are investigating all possible scenarios, including radical muslim ties as well as anti-gay sentiment, and other possible scenarios. Notably, in 2009, Mateen was married. He also has a 3 year old child. (2). Police have not ruled out additional suspects or outside influence. Mateen was licensed to carry firearms in Florida. (3).

Emergency crews rushed to the scene quickly, called a MCI, had a hazmat team evaluate the scene, and cleared out as many victims and bystanders as quickly as they possibly could in order to prevent any further harm.

Largest Mass Shooting in American History

The incident, if perpetuated by one person, is being the largest mass shooting of its kind in American history which will no doubt fuel the argument for further gun control measures.

Blood Donations – Ban Lifted in Some Places

People are donating blood to assist the victims in Orlando. Gay men are normally banned from donating blood, unless they assure they have not had sexual relations with a male partner within 1 year prior to donating, however, some places are making exceptions and providing full screenings due to the nature of the incident.

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