Should EMS Workers Get Time Off to Vote?

With all the election madness, the question occurred to me whether EMS Workers, Firefighters, and other people providing public safety services should be able to get time off in order to vote. In fact, in some states, people actually get paid leave to go vote. While it is important to make sure everyone votes, the question remains whether an EMS provider can demand that he/she be permitted to vote.

The problem seems to be with public safety concerns which could be a potential problem. If everyone decided to vote at the same time, instead of working on the ambulance, this could result in chaos – leading to further illness, injury and even deaths.

On the other hand, it is important that each person have the ability to exercise their right to vote. Although this is the case, there are other options an individual has such as voting ahead of time if possible or even seeing if someone will arrange for coverage temporarily. This way, everyone has a say-so in whoever they decide to vote for.

Here is a link to an outfit which provides some guidance:

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