Ruben Major for California Secretary of State

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What’s Wrong with Our Election Systems?

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Ruben Major for Secretary of State California 2018

Ruben has been a Paramedic for nearly 20 years and is an EMT/Paramedic trainer of the largest emergency medical services recertification training program worldwide. Ruben has been serving the community and public safety his entire adult life.

When Ruben was just an infant, his teenage mother left his father, who at the time was an alcoholic. In the process of their separation, he was stripped of his Hispanic and Native American heritage. His father was the son of a full-blooded Yaqui whose parents were buried in the Guadalupe Cemetery. Read More..

What Will You Do?

Congress & State Officials have failed in their responsibility to properly secure our election system.

Unfortunately, our voting systems are vulnerable to hacking and contain secret coding. Additionally, voter suppression & gerrymandering is out of control. Our leadership has failed to work towards a real solution to the problem and time is running out. This is why I’m stepping up to the plate.

But I can’t do this alone. I need your help to win. We are all in this fight together and it’s time to protect our most fundamental right  — the right to vote in free & fair elections.

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Together We Can Win!

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