What’s Wrong With Our Election Systems?

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Ruben Major for Secretary of State California 2018

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Meet Ruben

Ruben has been a Paramedic for nearly 20 years and is an EMT/Paramedic trainer of the largest emergency medical services recertification training program worldwide. Ruben has been serving the community and public safety his entire adult life.

When Ruben was just an infant, his teenage mother left his father, who at the time was an alcoholic. In the process of their separation, he was stripped of his Hispanic and Native American heritage. His father was the son of a full-blooded Yaqui whose parents were buried in the Guadalupe Cemetery. Read More…

What Will You Do?

Congress & State Officials have failed in their responsibility to properly secure our election system.

Unfortunately, our voting systems are vulnerable to hacking and contain secret coding. Additionally, voter suppression & gerrymandering is out of control. Our leadership has failed to work towards a real solution to the problem and time is running out. This is why I’m stepping up to the plate.

But I can’t do this alone. I need your help to win. We are all in this fight together and it’s time to protect our most fundamental right  — the right to vote in free & fair elections.

Our Plan

1. Protect and upgrade our election process. We must transition the state from ” secret software ” insecure election systems to more secure public software / paper ballot systems. This will save the taxpayers billions of dollars while heightening security and increasing voter confidence / participation. We must upgrade our systems from registration to audit and correct current plans to close down precincts or reduce audit capabilities. We must strive to restore California’s position as a leader in the election process community.

2. Streamline the business filing process. We must maximize technology and create a better, more transparent business environment for California As a small business owner / entrepreneur, I will fight for California businesses.

3. Make government more transparent. As your Secretary of State, I will work to ensure that we have the most transparent process possible. We will work to make donor information more obvious on the ballot literature as well as the Secretary of State’s website. We work for the people.


Instead of stopping vulnerable and secret election software from continuing to invade our democracy, California is planning to spend millions of dollars so that the same vendors can sell us MORE insecure election systems I will make California the leader in saying “No!” to dangerous black box voting systems.

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Big Endorsement News!

March 20, 2018 San Diego, CA We are excited to announce that the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club and Our Revolution Long Beach have just endorsed Ruben Major for California Secretary of State. The mission of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club is “to create a more just…

Election security is critical, but why does the “Tech Capital of the World” (California), do so poorly?

March 17, 2018 Washington, D.C. Just LAST MONTH, the Center for American Progress (CAP) released a new study on election security in all 50 states. Unfortunately, California… the “Tech Capital of the World” earned a mediocre grade of “C.” The job of the…

The ACLU wins against Secretary Padilla

March 7, 2018 San Francisco, California For the past several months, we’ve been campaigning to end California’s discriminatory practice of disenfranchising minority voters who see their mail-in ballots thrown away nearly TWICE as much as non-minorities. Additionally, California has…

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