Ruben Major for Oceanside Mayor

Ruben has been a Paramedic for nearly 20 years and is an EMT/Paramedic trainer of the largest emergency medical services recertification training program worldwide. Ruben has been serving the community and public safety his entire adult life.

When Ruben was just an infant, his then alcoholic and much older father, abandoned his teenage mother putting them both into extreme poverty and eventually homelessness. Because of their separation, Ruben was also prevented from spending time with his dad’s side of the family and thus stripped of his Latino and Native American heritage. His father still owes his mother child support after several decades. His father was the son of a full-blooded Yaqui whose parents were buried in the Guadalupe Cemetery.

By reconnecting with family, Ruben was able to discover his roots and now fights to end poverty and homelessness through common sense programs, community involvement, compassion, and accountability. As a Paramedic, public safety is his first priority. 

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How We Can Make Oceanside Better

I want to know your ideas, your thoughts, your opinions on how we can improve our community.

It is obvious that career politicians have failed in their responsibility to properly govern. City Council favors outsiders over the best interests of our community. Critical programs, such as our Fire Department, have not been adequately funded or provided with the proper infrastructure to protect our community in case of emergency. The goal must be to reduce average response times to 5 minutes or less so that people will have a fighting change of survival in the event of cardiac arrest. We can work to make that happen together!

Additionally, the homeless crisis is out of control and no effective measures have been taken to adequately address the problem. We can work to make that happen together!

Ruben has the experience needed to address the issue having personally experienced homelessness and worked with the homeless as a Paramedic and healthcare provider.

Years go by without much progress being made and now we are at a critical point in the direction of our communities. We need NEW leadership, which will work to provide REAL solutions through improving community relations with officials, public safety and emergency services, working to solve the homelessness crisis, and demanding an ethical code of conduct for our government officials. We need term limits and accountability. We can work to make that happen together! City Council works for the community, not the other way around!

But I can’t do this alone. I need your help to win. We are all in this fight together and it’s time to start putting our COMMUNITY FIRST!

Together We Can Win!